Very Easy Super Mario Title Editor Ver.1.0.xls

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System requirements

PC ( more than Microsoft Excel 2000 required ) that Microsoft Excel for windows works.

Object to edit

NES form (NO TRAINER) of Super Mario 1.

How to use

Please double-click the file which you downloaded, and Please click "Enable Content"(in "Options" of the Security Warning column)or"Enable Macros", and please use it.
Please click " kn`c " .
Select the file NES form (NO TRAINER ) of Super Mario 1 that you want to change.
Please click " nodm ".
A part of " MARIO BROS. " of the input form under SUPER,
Please change it using the alphabet or an exclamation mark or a hyphen , a blank , a dot.
A part of " 2015.3.5 k1 " of the input form as for you below,
Please change it using the alphabet or a number or an exclamation mark or a hyphen, a blank, a dot, a slash.
Please click " SAVE ".
Select or input the file name that you want to save and,
Please click " SAVE "

The End

@@Animation of how to operate

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k1 Writing July 3, 2015