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  To the children who bear the future of Puyopuyo.

U12 Puyo Puyo International Championship is
By holding an international tournament for the younger generation,
we aim to give the children who will be entrusted with the future of Puyo Puyo
the opportunity to be exposed to the world's standard senses and values as soon as possible,
to cultivate a spirit of respect for the organizers, administrators, and players,
and to nurture them to be strong in body and mind.
In addition, we aim for Puyo Puyo to grow into a global e-sport in the future.

1st 3/27/2022 
2nd 3/19/2023 
3rd 3/31/2024 

"Puyo Puyo" is a registered trademark of SEGA Co., Ltd.

[Participation Award]

(D) A Nintendo Prepaid number worth about JPY 500 to be used locally.
Participation prizes will be sent within 10 days after the game.
[Participation fee] free
[Qualifications to participate] Players born on or after April 2, 2011
[Date and time] 3/31/2024 8:00(UTC)-13:00(UTC) 17:00(JST)- 21:00(JST)
[Title used] NINTENDO SWITCH PuyoPuyo Champions (eSports)
[Battle Format]  Online
[Game format] Round robin (FT5)
[Ranking determination method]
(1) Player of more won
(2) Players with larger point differences
(3) Treat as the same rank
[Game Settings]
The choice of Controller, Customize, Icon, Character, Color Blind Settings, Chain Animations, Voice, Vibration, Ghost Piece, Chain Animations, and Replay Auto Save is at the player's freedom. All other settings will be done by default.
Players need a twitter account to access the entry page.
Players cannot create a twitter account due to age restrictions, so please make an entry by an older agent.
If you cannot access the entry page, please contact k1's Discord (k1world#8409) with the necessary information.
(Entry Page)

During the tournament, we will communicate via streaming distribution (Youtube or Twitch) and a discord server dedicated to this tournament.
Due to age restrictions, players will not be able to access a discord server dedicated to this tournament, so please have an older agent access the server.
The results of tournament will be reported in Google docs.
You can edit Google docs from your PC, but you can only view them from your smartphone browser.
To edit them from a smartphone, you will need the Google spreadsheet application.
(Installation page)
Installation page of Google spreadsheet for Android (Google Play)
Installation page of Google spreadsheet for iPhone (App Store)

3rd result 3/31/2024


2nd result 3/19/2023


1st result 3/27/2022


The content is subject to change without notice, but we will endeavor to avoid unfairness before and after, and will notify you via Discord (k1world#8409), Twitter (@ k1stadium) or line @, etc.
(c)In 関西ぷよぷよ道場, U-12 PuyoPuyo International Championship Secretariat