2nd AC puyopuyo2 World Championship History

September 3, 2017.
The First AC puyopuyo2 World Championship.
"Japanese is strongest?"
Unexpectedly,Very close match.
Winner is "Youkan"[S class champion].

More than two years have passed since then.
Online battles spread rapidly,
Player not japanese people is became stronger.

"We will not lose"
An email arrives at the dojo.

Who is the best player in the world?
Japanese is strongest?

Site for entry of 2nd AC Puyo puyo 2 World Championship

 Athletes with seed rights.

delta Puyopuyo finals
SEASON1 Champion
puyota South Korea
acliv Taiwan
Hiku France
puyona South Korea
Other world players
Japan Qualifier Winner
Yanase Dojo representative

Basic information of the 2nd AC puyopuyo2 World Championship.

"Event Date"
 February 16, 2020 (Sun)

 Kansai Puyopuyo-dojo
 2 Chome-2-9 Nakadera, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0065

"Joining qualifications"

 The World Championship Qualifiers participate possible only for people with not Japanese nationality or Marry abroad people.
 The World Championship Qualifiers may not be held depending on the number of participants.
 The World Championship Qualifiers will be held on Sunday, February 16, 2020, before the final.

"Participation fee,admission"
 Participating players are free.
 The audience is 500 yen.

  Site for entry of 2nd AC Puyo puyo 2 World Championship

 Will be filmed and distributed online.
 Please let us know in advance if you don't want to be your filmed.

 Time table for February 16, 2020 (Sun)

 From 8:00 Opened Kansai Puyopuyo-dojo
 From 9:00 Start of World Championship
        The World Championship Qualifiers
        The World Championship Final
 until 14:00  End of World championship
 From 14:00 International exchange free play
 until 23:30 (Longest)
  Please leave until 19:00 if you are under 16 years old.
  Please leave until 22:00 if you are under 18 years old.
 15:00~SEGA point match
  Entry is required in advance to participate in SEGA point match.
   Site for entry of SEGA point match

 16:30~World Selection vs Japan Selection match

Game rules of the 2nd AC puyopuyo2 World Championship.

AC(Arcade) puyopuyo2

"ふつうのぷよぷよ"(normal puyopuyo) and "中辛"(normal rank)

World Championship Final matches

"Rule of match"
First to 10 or 7 or 5 points wins.
round-robin matches.
We decide Player Side (1P or 2P).

"Ranking determination method"
(1) Player of more won
(2) Player of more diff
(3) Player of fewer lose point
(4) Player of more won with competitors
(5) Player of more diff with competitors
(6) Player of fewer lose point with competitors
(7) Rematch with competitors

 Possibly,Athletes without seed rights participate from qualifying.

The 2nd AC Puyopuyo2 World Championship MOVIE

The 2nd AC Puyopuyo2 World Championship facebook LIVE

The first AC Puyo puyo 2 two World Championship MOVIE

The contents are subject to change without notice.
But,We will endeavor to ensure that there is no unfairness in the front and back, and we will notify you via twitter (@ k1stadium), etc.

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